Discovery and Development of Novel Antibody Drugs

iBody is working on discovering and developing novel antibody therapeutics focusing on cancers, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases in which human antibodies play an important role in disease progression and suppression through collaborative research with academic partners.
In the conventional discovery of candidate targets of anti-cancer antibody therapeutics, cancer-specific antigens are identified by comparing gene expression between normal tissues and cancer tissues. The identified antigens are expressed as recombinant proteins, and antibodies binding to such antigens are produced either by immunizing animals (hybridoma method) or via phage display technology. However, conventional methods can discover only a part of cancer-specific antigens. Several cancer antigens such as proteins with specific post-translational modifications (e.g. cancer-specific glycosylation) and externalized proteins as the result of cancer cannot be determined. Furthermore, the glycosylation pattern or conformation of recombinant antigens produced by bacteria or cultured animal cells can differ from that of antigens displayed on cancer tissue. Therefore, the utilization of recombinant antigens would not be appropriate for obtaining truly effective antibody therapeutics.
In contrast, the antibodies obtained using Ecobody technology can be expected to be highly effective as a pharmaceutical product because it can obtain antibodies that bind to cancer-specific antigens that exist in the human body.
The obtained antibodies are also screened by the human immune system, suggesting their safety and stability as pharmaceutical products.
Furthermore, many of the current antibody developments target known antigens, and the depletion of new targets is an issue for the development of antibody therapeutics. In contrast, our strategy employing Ecobody technology would discover antibodies against new targets and overcome the target depletion problem.
Ecobody technology is also beneficial for the discovery of antibody therapeutics in autoimmune and infectious diseases.

iBody is discovering antibodies binding to antigens that exist in the human body, and developing therapeutics with excellent efficacy for diseases for which existing antibody drugs cannot elicit sufficient efficacy.

Drug Development Projects

iBody Drug Development Projects

Contract Service of Exploring Monoclonal Antibodies in Humans and Rabbits

iBody provides the service of exploring antibodies in humans and rabbits for research and diagnostics.

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