Monoclonal Antibody Generating Service

iBody’s unique technology enables lightning-fast antibody expression and evaluation. Using the “Ecobody” technology, iBody successfully mines the desired monoclonal antibodies within one month.

Five benefits of iBody’s services



Generating difficult-to-generate monoclonal antibodies

iBody can formulate monoclonal antibodies that can successfully (a) bind to low-molecular-weight compounds, (b) discriminate small amino acid differences, and (c) recognize post-translational modifications in proteins. Although these antibodies are difficult to generate using conventional methods in mice, iBody can successfully generate such antibodies from rabbits.



Generating monoclonal antibodies with excellent properties

iBody can generate monoclonal antibodies from rabbits with higher affinity and specificity than the mouse antibodies.


Providing complete customized service ranging from rabbit immunization to recombinant antibody preparation


According to your needs, iBody provides customized services, including peptide antigen preparation, rabbit immunization, monoclonal antibody mining, and recombinant antibody preparation.


Reduced cost risk with step-by-step payments


iBody provides services that allow you to check the results of each step before deciding whether to proceed with the next step.


Isolating natural human monoclonal antibodies


iBody can mine natural human monoclonal antibodies that can function effectively within the human body.

The main steps in the monoclonal antibody generating service using Ecobody technology are as follows:


Immunization and lymphocyte isolation (for rabbit antibodies)

Immunization and lymphocyte isolation (for rabbit antibodies)


Analysis of desired B cells that are reactive to the antigen.

Analysis of desired B cells that are reactive to the antigen.


Mining desired antibodies using the “Ecobody” technology

Mining desired antibodies using the “Ecobody” technology


Preparation of recombinant antibodies

Preparation of recombinant antibodies


Antibody gene and sequence information (10 clones)
Recombinant antibodies

Ecobody Technology

iBody’s unique “Ecobody” technology integrates single-cell method and in vitro expression for efficient generation of monoclonal antibodies.
The “Ecobody” technology isolates monoclonal antibody genes using single-cell RT-PCR, and Fab antibodies are expressed in vitro and evaluated by ELISA. Using this complete in vitro process, iBody can mine the desired monoclonal antibodies exhaustively and rapidly.

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We offer a simplified analysis plan (starting from JPY 1.2 million) as well as a full analysis plan.
Additionally, you can choose from various options to suit your specific needs.
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