Ecobody Technology

About Ecobody

About Ecobody

“Ecobody” is a technology developed at Nagoya University, Japan, enabling us to obtain and evaluate useful antibodies produced in humans and animals exhaustively and rapidly.

Benefits of “Ecobody” Technology

Benefits of “Ecobody” Technology

With “Ecobody” technology, we can obtain monoclonal antibodies individually from single human and animal B cells.
Unlike conventional technology, our technology does not require immortalization or proliferation of B cells, avoiding cell loss. Therefore, we can mine monoclonal antibodies while maintaining the original diversity seen in humans and animals.
In addition, while conventional antibody expression systems use living cells that cause heterogeneity in expression levels, “Ecobody” technology uses a cell-free system to express antibodies, resulting in homogeneous antibody levels.
Our technology contributed to the exhaustive and rapid (2 days) evaluation of antibodies without decreased diversity.
Please see the video below and references for technical details.

Related Patents

・Tagged antibody(Japan Patent No. 6744670)

・Protein Expression Method(Japan Patent No. 6681625; U.S. Patent Number: 10975376)

※iBody has been granted an exclusive global license for these patents from Nagoya University.

Features of Antibody Mining Technologies

Ecobody Hybridoma Phage Display
Animals Rabbit, Human Mouse Not used
Time 2 days※ A few months 7 weeks
Culture Unnecessary Necessary Necessary
Core Technology Single-cell technology and in vitro antibody expression Cell fusion and culture Bacterial expression
Native Antibody Isolation Possible Possible Impossible

※Excludes the animal immunization period