Lightning monoclonal antibody development

Our core technology 'Ecobody technology' enables rapid monoclonal antibody discovery and development from single B cells. This technology has been developed at the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences at Nagoya University.

We provide discovering services of monoclonal antibodies from rabbits and humans, which were difficult to obtain by the traditional hybridoma technology. 

Monoclonal antibody (mAb)

Antibodies are one of the major proteins responsible for the immune responses in any animals. Each B cell in the individuals produces different antibody called monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and each of them binds to corresponding antigens such as bacteria and virus which may cause diseases.  
The specific and strong binding features of mAbs are utilized for medicines, diagnostics, and research tools.

Antibody discovery technologies

In order to develop useful mAbs for the practical uses, we first need to find mAbs from animals or some other resources. In many cases, commercially available mAbs have been found by the mouse hybridoma technology. 
On contrast, mAbs produced in rabbit or human B cells have high potential as diagnostics, therapeutics, and research tools. However, rapid and low-cost screening of rabbit and human mAbs were technologically difficult.

Ecobody technology

ーRapid generation of mAbs from single B cells of rabbits or humans in only two days by Ecobody technologyー

"Ecobody technology" allows rapid discovery of mAbs from rabbits and humans.
In this technique, preparation of mAb genes from single B cells and production of mAb proteins are seamlessly performed in vitro (using micro-tubes). It means we can skip immortalization and culturing steps of the B cells.
For this reason, we can drastically shorten the process of monoclonal antibody development. "Efficient discovery and development of valuable mAbs" will be possible with the Ecobody technology. For more details about our technologies, please see the references below.

*1 does not include immunization.

*2 Natural mAbs isolated from animals which have the original pairs of H and L chains.



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