Ecobody Technology

Ecobody is a technology developed at Nagoya University that enables the isolation and evaluation of useful antibodies produced in humans and animals exhaustively and rapidly.

Benefits of Ecobody Technology

With Ecobody technology, antibodies can be isolated individually from each B cell (single cell) of humans and animals.
In isolating antibodies, B cells are not immortalized and proliferated, as in conventional technology. Therefore, we can isolate antibodies that maintain the diversity possessed initially by humans and animals.
Additionally, in conventional technology, bacterial or animal cells for antibody expression were the standard. However, such a method using live cells is often problematic because of the protein expression level, resulting in the reduction of antibody diversity to be evaluated. In contrast, the antibodies are expressed without using living cells via a cell-free protein synthesis system in Ecobody technology. This causes the exhaustive and rapid (2 days) expression of antibodies without decreased diversity to become a reality.

Please see the video below and references for technical details.

Comparison with Other Technologies 

Ecobody Technology

*1 Not include immunization.

*2 Natural antibodies isolated from animals which have the original pairs of H and L chains.

iBody’s Discovery of New Antibody Therapeutics

iBody is working on the discovery of new antibody therapeutics using Ecobody technology.
Antibodies are involved in suppressing disease progression, recovering from disease, and developing or progressing disease. 
By isolating and evaluating human antibodies, we have made progress regarding the discovery of novel antibody therapeutics.